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Vehicle Safety Systems

Parking Sensors & Cameras for Increased Safety


Does your vehicle have more blind spots than a bat? See the light with a backup sensor or rear view camera to visualize what's in your blind spot, and help with parking.

Parking sensors and cameras are mainly offered as optional accessories on larger vehicles such as RVs, SUVs, and trucks, though some are offered on cars. Aftermarket cameras, monitors, sensors, and complete systems are available for any type of motor vehicle, including sedans.

Backup systems fall into two categories: sensors and cameras. Sensors placed on bumpers use technologies such as ultrasound, lasers, and radar to sense objects around the car and then sound a warning when you come too close. Some also offer visual warnings in the form of an in-dash LED display.

Backup cameras, on the other hand, are mounted on the back of the vehicle (sometimes in the license plate frame), and display an image on a monitor, much like your rear-view mirror.

Both cameras and sensors are also used for help with parallel parking. In fact, soon vehicles will be able to park themselves. If you're interested in driving more safely today, a backup sensor or camera will alert you to objects behind you, and can also be used for help parking.

Rear view cameras are typically mounted on the back of the vehicle and offer wide-angle lenses that help you see everything from the left to right bumper of your car. They're angled to the ground, so you can see the road behind you, as well as any children or objects in the way. According to the NHTSA, such camera systems have the best potential to reduce backover accidents out of any vehicle sensory technology they have tested.

Backup sensors or parking assistance devices are built to withstand weather, but neither they nor backup cameras are foolproof. The systems are highly reliable, but extreme weather conditions such as fog, snow, heavy rain, or even sun glare can reduce their effectiveness. Don't rely on the devices alone; use them to enhance your driving skills. Nothing replaces driver responsibility and good sense.

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          Safety Equipment Auto Insurance Discounts 


Driving a safe vehicle not only protects you and your passengers; it also protects your wallet. Car insurance companies often offer discounts to drivers whose vehicles are equipped with certain safety features.

What Is Vehicle Safety Equipment?

Vehicle safety equipment refers to any added device that increases your safety and/or decreases the likelihood of your car being stolen.

Blind Spot Detection and Lane-Departure Warning Systems

These systems aren’t the same; however, they work together really well to decrease your chances of an accident.

  • A blind-spot detection system lets you know when it senses an object in your blind spot.
  • A lane-departure warning system has a much broader range and actually senses the speed and distance of approaching vehicles as you attempt to change lanes.

Rearview Cameras

Also called backup cameras, these are popping up as factory-installed devices in many newer cars.

Rearview cameras help you see other vehicles or objects you might not catch in your rear- and side-view mirrors.

Asking for Safety Equipment Discounts

Because discounts and their terms vary amongst car insurance companies, you’ll need to speak with each one to determine which features of your vehicle might save you money.

Before you speak with an insurance agent about auto insurance discounts for vehicle safety equipment, take note of these points:

  • If your agent hasn’t asked about the features on your vehicle, he doesn’t knowabout them; you need to speak up.
  • These days, many vehicles come equipped with certain safety features. Some are so common, owners don’t even think to mention them to their insurance agents. Before you talk with an insurance agent, make a list of your car’s factory-installed safety features.
    • If you’re not sure what they are, check your owner’s manual.

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